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Raven is a live-streaming and social networking app helping African creators earn globally.

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The patreon of Africa

Streaming is the future and we are helping African creators earn money globally.

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Enjoy events from the
the comfort of your home

You have access to millions of live events and premium content happening worldwide in real-time. Buy tickets and tune in to your favorite events


An entirely new approach to entertainment.

Host and monetize your live events in less time, with no barriers, all on your mobile device.

Withdraw earnings directly to your bank in 24 hours.

Withdraw ticket sales, donations, and payments into your bank account seamlessly in less than 24 hours.

Monetize digital products from anywhere, anytime!

Take advantage of our "Play" feature. Publish and monetize your video or audio content from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Anchor, Spotify etc, all on Raven Livestream

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Receive payments in USD & BUSD

You can sell tickets and receive payments and Tips in USD  & BUSD no matter where you are in the world. You keep 90% of all donations in USD.

We are democratizing content

Publishing and distributing content just got easier.

“ Our entire product is built on the fundamentals of decentralized technology. We keep our users' sensitive data safe. Events are decentralized and everyone has access to view events in real-time or on-demand. Our Nest is open for everyone to engage and share ideas and financial transactions made with USD are safe and secure. Our digital currencies are fully decentralized. Transparency is important to us ... ”

Co-founder, Raven Livestream

" Independent creators now have a platform that helps them express themselves in any form. Raven Livestream is a dedicated app assisting in production, distribution, monetization, and audience development for all types of creators ..."


Founder, Raven Livestream

" We tout our app because our business model is designed to ensure Independent creators can earn enough money to live sustainably anywhere in the world. We've got all forms of content ready to be monetized across all platforms... "


Head of Growth, Raven Livestream

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Nest on Raven Livestream

Welcome to Nest

Nest is a community for creators that truly believes in free speech. 

Share ideas and interact with cool people from all over the world.

Drop a “Twig” today!

Raven is a live streaming and social networking app helping African creators earn globally.

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